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Launching a health and beauty supplement on your own can be overwhelming. We answer your frequently asked questions and make your transition into a business owner a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you decide to launch a new health or beauty supplement, you will quickly need to determine how many units of your product you will want to order. In an ideal world, you would order a minimum quantity to learn if your product is well received by your target market. And then you would order more.

But what is the minimum quantity? That is determined by manufacturers, who must keep their manufacturing equipment in operation as often as possible to help recoup their investment of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for their purchase and then ongoing maintenance of these units. Because it takes roughly the same amount of time to set up and clean up manufacturing equipment for a small order as it does for a large order, manufacturers set a minimum order at 2,000 units for capsules, tablets, creams and gels.

Two thousand units may still sound like a high number until you run the numbers on your cost versus your profit:

The average cost to produce a health or beauty supplement is $4.50. For 2,000 units, your cost would roughly be $9,000.

The average profit to sell one bottle or jar of a health or beauty supplement is $30.00.

Selling 2,000 units then earns $60,000 gross and $50,000 net.

For roughly $9,000, you can create a new health or beauty supplement, inclusive of the product itself, its bottle/jar and label. Your return on investment is 500 percent! There are few new businesses a person can launch that offer such high profit.

Please know that manufacturers only accept minimum-quantity orders by trusted brokers who offer manufacturers an overall high volume of orders. 7 Day Health is one of those few brokers. As a result, our customers’ small orders are prioritized as highly as our large orders. This arrangement allows someone with a fresh idea for a new product to enter the health and beauty marketplace with a minimum-quantity purchase in the quickest possible time. By working with 7 Day Health, that timeframe is just 6 weeks from the date you place your order!

Let 7 Day Health draw on its 23 years of experience creating thousands of custom health supplements for hundreds of customers to help you determine which private-label health or beauty products you should sell. Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Are you passionate about a particular market segment?

For example, are you motivated to create a health or beauty supplement because you don’t think today’s anti-aging creams are as effective as they could be? Or do you believe there is still room for improvement with today’s weight-loss supplements? If so, how are the leading formulas lacking? Review product labels from notable manufacturers. What would you like to add to their formulas that would improve these products? Voila! You have just decided on your custom formulation!

2. Do you already have customers in a particular market segment?

If you have developed a good reputation as a personal trainer, or as an eye doctor, or dermatologist, or veterinarian, for example, then your customers would likely be receptive to your recommendations on health or beauty supplements. How might you improve the brands that are offered for sale at your place of business or from companies you regularly recommend? 7 Day Health can improve those formulas and create a product with your name on the Iabel. Then you can generate a new source of revenue by selling your very own product, not someone else’s, to your existing customer base and establish an online presence for your product through your website.

3. Do you simply want to sell a health & beauty formula from the most popular categories?

If there isn’t a particular market segment that you would like to sell to, or if you don’t already have a following from the work you currently do, then you can jump-start your entry into health & beauty product sales by choosing something that already sells quite well.

Here are the four most popular categories, and the most popular products within those categories of the health & beauty market today:

Natural/ Organic Beauty

  • Exfoliants
  • Serums
  • Scrubs
  • Face washes
  • Masks
  • Creams

Sports Nutrition

  • Fat burner pills
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Probiotics

Aches and Pains

  • Pain creams and gels
  • Arthritis formulas


  • VitaminC Serum
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Skin-Brightening Cream
  • Retinol Cream


7 Day Health would like to urge you not to launch a commodity product, such as fish-oil capsules or multivitamins. Those products require very high minimum-quantity purchases, and there are many, many brands already on the market, making it challenging (though not impossible) and often expensive to differentiate your product from long-standing name brands.

Another caveat is weight. The more a product weighs, the more costly it is to mail to you or to your customers. Liquid vitamins and liquid protein drinks are good examples of products that can increase transportation costs.

Also, please know that some product types inherently require high minimum orders because of manufacturing limitations. These include meal-replacement bars, protein powders, liquids, and gummy products.

Let 7 Day Health Help You

Most custom health supplements are developed to improve upon formulas that came before it. Choose to create a better health supplement that is based on your personal interests, or your expertise in a market that would be receptive to your new product, or one that would improve on the most popular formulas available today. By owning your very own brand, you can create an entirely new income stream and realize your dream of becoming part of the booming health & beauty industry.

To find out more about how you can own a custom health or beauty product, please contact Paul at 7 DayHealth.

If you have an idea for a new health supplement or a modification of a current product,
you have two choices to create that product:

Work with a full-service broker like 7 Day Health, or manage the entire process yourself.

A full-service broker is a volume buyer, who jumps to the front of the line for manufacturing of a new product. An individual waits at the back of the line, because larger orders make better use of manufacturing equipment than smaller orders, and manufacturers prioritize brokers who bring them many customers.

Rather than going it alone, working with a full-service broker can help you navigate the choices you will have to make during the process of creating a new product. Here are some of the key steps and the decisions to be made:

Which formula do you prefer, and who will make it?

These questions are of utmost importance, because no one manufacturer makes all the different formulas. Capsules, tablets, creams and gels are usually made at different facilities, because the equipment differs for each formulation, and each piece of equipment costs from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for large-scale production that takes place at private-label manufacturing facilities.

As an individual creating a new health or beauty supplement, it would be time-consuming for you to determine which laboratories specialize in which formulations. An error in selection is costly and will disrupt your time line for launching your new product. Health-supplement brokers know how to tailor the selection of manufacturers to your new product.

Which bottle or jar will you use?

Before your new product is produced in the quantity you select, your manufacturer will need to receive the containers that will hold your product. Without experience, will you know what size bottle or jar you will need? Should you select HDPE or PET bottles? What’s the right look for your industry? Who makes these containers with quality, good pricing and turnaround time? If you purchase an inappropriate container, then your manufacturing process will be delayed waiting on delivery of a better selection. Health-supplement brokers work almost daily with packaging companies and know which bottles, jars, etc., are appropriate for which formulations. Brokers are also notified of closeouts, overruns and new options that individuals would not be apprised of.

What data is required for your product label?

There are strict legal requirements for placement of specific data on a health or beauty supplements label. Wording cannot make any claims, which increases the difficulty of writing the label copy. Compelling graphics on the label are critical for attracting purchasers to your new product. Additionally, you must balance the need for your new product to stand out among competitive products, yet maintain a look and feel that tells consumers your product belongs within a specific market segment. Health-supplement brokers with many years of experience know instinctively which label designs are appropriate for attracting consumers, and they also have thorough knowledge of the legal requirements for product labels.

There are many other nuances involved in the creation of a new health or beauty supplement. And although it is possible for an individual to manage the entire process, that can be frustrating and will delay your product’s launch.

Full-service brokers not only know who does what, but they know which manufacturers have solid reputations for quality and timely order delivery. Brokers maintain a relationship with these leading laboratories, which reward brokers with attentiveness, speedy service and volume pricing.

A quicker, more efficient and more accurate way to launch your new product is by using an experienced private-label health-supplement broker. 7 Day Health draws on its 23 years of experience, industry connections and volume buying to streamline the creation of a new product on their customers’ behalf.

If you’d like to save the time and frustration of going it alone, please call 7 Day Health to manage every step of the product development process for you.

It’s always desirable to have a second source of income, and the health & beauty industry provides ample opportunities for extra money.

That’s why direct-marketing companies (formerly known as multi-level marketers) have done so well. They develop health & beauty products, and you become an affiliate who finds people to buy their products.

For the same effort, however, you can sell your own health & beauty product—one with your name on the label! You would use the same methods to find customers that direct-marketing salespeople use: selling to friends, family and affiliates, using social media, exhibiting at fairs and trade shows, etc.

The biggest advantage of OWNING your own brand as compared to selling another company’s brand is your profit margin.

By the Numbers

Typically, consumers pay $30 for a health & beauty supplement. However, the average cost to make a custom health & beauty supplement is just $4.50! If you were selling your own brand, then you’d earn $25.50 for every sale. That’s a 500% profit margin! But if you were selling another company’s brand, you’d only earn an average of $6.00 per item, which is just a 20% commission. By selling your very own custom formula, you would expend the same effort yet earn remarkably more money. Additionally, you would be building your own brand and working toward creating long-term income.

What should you sell?

To help you determine what your first custom product should contain, please read 7 Day Health’s blog called “Which Formulas Sell Best Today?” In a nutshell, we recommend choosing a market segment that you’re passionate about, or one that you already have a reputation in. You can also select a popular category within health & beauty to improve on a best-selling formula. And if you have previously sold for a direct-marketing company, maybe there is a product in their inventory that you wish had better ingredients!

Once you’ve conceived of an idea for your own health or beauty supplement, you can launch your new business based on that product in just four to six weeks if you use a full-service health-supplement broker. Otherwise, it will take you four to six months to launch if you go it alone. To learn how a broker significantly speeds up the time it takes to create a new health or beauty supplement, please read 7 Day Health’s blog entitled “Why Use a Health-Supplement Broker?”

7 Day Health would like you to keep the majority of the profits by launching your own health or beauty supplement brand, rather than working hard for a mere 20% commission from a direct-marketing company. Working with us has great advantages. We have 23 years of experience, strong industry connections, and volume buying power. Our turnaround time is faster than most, because we know which vendors do the best work at the best prices and at the fastest speeds. Since 2000, we’ve helped hundreds of customers create thousands of new products. It would be our pleasure to help you launch your own health & beauty product!