Which Formulas Sell Best Today?

Would you like to know which products sell best in the health & beauty marketplace? This blog reveals the answer to this very important question.

7 Day Health is often asked to recommend a product that would be well-received in the health & beauty industry. Through this blog, we are happy to share our overarching answer to this very important question:


Ask yourself three questions before deciding on a custom health & beauty formula:

Are you passionate about a particular market segment? For example, are you motivated to create a health or beauty supplement because you don’t think today’s anti-aging crèmes are as effective as they could be? Or do you desire a better-tasting meal-replacement powder? Or do you believe there is still room for improvement with today’s weight-loss supplements? If so, how are the leading formulas lacking? Review the product labels from notable manufacturers. What would you like to add to their formulas that would improve these products? Voila! You have just decided on your custom formulation!

Do you already have customers in a particular market segment? If you have developed a good reputation as a personal trainer, or as an eye doctor, or dermatologist, or veterinarian, for example, then your customers would likely be receptive to your recommendations on health or beauty supplements. How might you improve the brands that are offered for sale at your place of business, or that you recommend? You can have that improved formula created and labeled with your name on the product. Then you can generate a new source of revenue by selling your product to your customers and by establishing an online presence for your product through your website.

Do you simply want to sell a health & beauty formula from the most popular categories? If there isn’t a particular market segment that you would like to sell to, or if you don’t already have a following from the work you currently do, then you can jump-start your entry into health & beauty product sales by choosing something that already sells quite well. Here are the FIVE MOST POPULAR CATEGORIES and the MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS WITHIN EACH CATEGORY of the health & beauty market today:

Anti Aging Formulas

Vitamin C Serum
Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Skin-Brightening Cream
Retinol Cream

Sports Nutrition Formula

Fat-burner pills
Protein powders
Liquid protein drinks

Vitamins & Supplements

Hair/skin/nail formula

Aches & Pains

Pain creams and gels
Arthritis formulas
Portable TENS units

Natural/Organic Beauty Products

Face washes


1. Based on our 15-years’ experience creating thousands of custom health supplements, we don’t recommend that you launch a commodity product, such as a fish-oil capsule or a multivitamin. Those markets require very high minimum quantity purchases, and they are crowded, making it challenging (though not impossible) and often expensive to differentiate your product from long-standing name brands.

2. Another caveat is weight. The more a product weighs, the most costly it is to mail to you or to your customers. Liquid vitamins and liquid protein drinks are good examples of this.

3. Also, please know that some product types inherently require high minimum orders because of manufacturing limitations. These include meal-replacement bars, protein powders and liquids, and gummy products.

The beauty of a custom health supplement is that it is intended to improve upon formulas that came before it. Create a better health supplement that is based on your personal interests, or your expertise in a market that would be receptive to your new product, or one that would improve on the most popular formulas available today. By owning your very own brand, you can create an entirely new income stream and realize your dream of becoming part of the booming health & beauty industry.